Hellenic Institute of Constructive Journalism


- Real examples of Constructive Journalism Media

In recent years, several organizations and individuals around the world have started working hard to transform the media culture and support journalists in finding new approaches. Below is a list of online, print, and broadcast media and organizations that apply innovative constructive approaches to their articles, programs, and work culture.

If you think your organization should be part of this catalogue, please contact us. We’re always interested in promoting media and news organizations that pioneer constructive approaches to reporting.



- Indicative Articles

If journalism is problematic, so is democracy…:
«We all understand that if journalism is problematic, so is democracy. We argue that reliable information should be a human right and is a common good, available to all. We believe that the main mission of Constructive Journalism is not primarily to save journalism from itself or to aid a troubled media enterprise. It is to reinstall trust in the idea that shared facts, shared knowledge and shared discussions are the pillars on which our societies balance», Ulrik Haagerup