Hellenic Institute of Constructive Journalism


In order to be able to spread the message of Constructive Journalism, the HICOJO is locally and internationally active, endeavoring to "change" the media world. 

Indicatively, our activities include:


  • Training journalists and non-journalists on the purpose and quality of constructive journalism, and how to achieve it.
  • Establishing training centers in Greece and abroad.


  • Participating in national and foreign research programs, conducting studies, and presenting research and studies of social interest.


  • Knowledge exchange with think tanks, research organizations, legal organizations, universities and institutes in Greece and abroad.
  • Building and nurturing a networks of journalists committed to Constructive Journalism.


  • Organizing and/or presenting and participating in conferences and workshops on topics related to Constructive Journalism.
  • Participation in mass media broadcasts and commentaries with to raise public awareness in matters of constructive journalism.
  • Publications including books, magazines, scientific papers and audiovisual media with the main purpose of raising awareness of society as a whole in matters of Constructive Journalism.